SIM3048/SIM42144 - STORM INLET METER for 30"x48" and 42"x144" Rectangular Inlets

PREVENTS REVERSE FLOW - The SEWERLOCK STORM INLET METER Installs below the existing inlet frame and grate. Storm water entering sanitary sewer pipe causes SSOs. Excess storm water in the combined sanitary and storm sewer causes CSOs. Install storm inlet meter to limit storm water entering into an at capacity pipe and to prevent reverse flow of contaminated storm water. When combined sewer systems fill up with storm water and sanitary sewage, SEWERLOCK STORM INLET METERS keeps the sewage and other toxic sediments in the pipe. During periods of high water the storm inlet remains closed, providing surcharge capacity for sanitary sewerage. After the peak period of the storm is over and pipe capacity is restored, the device automatically opens to allow the remaining storm runoff to enter. CUSTOM FLOW METERING - For metering storm water entering the inlet, SEWERLOCK'S Storm Inlet Meter has a custom opening sized for the maximum flow permited for that location. Use in conjuction with Round Storm Sewer Manhole Lock to improve the pipe capacity and prevent blowing storm manhole covers.

Features: Series 300 stainless steel. Patented product includes subframe with adjustable locking metering bolts and inner metering plate. Also includes anchor bolts.

Installs in 15 minutes.
One time installation, opens and relocks in seconds, no reinstallation each time.
No demolition necessary
No cables or bars dangling in the inlet to hang up each time it is accessed and closed.
No hinge or special locking mechanism to seize shut.
No existing frame or ledge or lip required for locking
No special key - use customer padlocks or order Master Palocks keyed alike or keyed the same as your current locks.

All Other Sizes and Shapes Available Upon Request.

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