About Us

Our goal is to change the culture of thinking regarding underground systems. Manholes and vaults should be locked with a low-cost demolition free installation that will lock the manhole opening below and independent of the existing manhole frame and cover, and also independent of existing cast iron lips and ledges.

Unauthorized persons currently have access and can routinely use the unprotected manhole to save time and avoid dumping fees such as pretreatment grease, toxic materials including PCB’s. With SEWERLOCK systems installed at vulnerable locations, manholes will not be considered a place to dump. Underground utility vaults and junction boxes can now be protected against vandalism and wire theft.

SEWERLOCK manufacturers custom products that can fit any size or shape manhole or vault. The design allows for the release of backflow or overflow if desired. This is a no-nonsense product since there are no moving parts that can cease, and it is easy to install. We help protect public health by keeping sewage out of the water supply and with the Utility Box locks, protect against communication and power loss. This is an efficient solution that works.


Experience You Can Depend on

The owners include a registered civil engineer PE and public interest attorney. Backed by more than 35 years of experience, they have worked their entire careers designing and building solutions for public utilities. SEWERLOCK has been in business since 2008.

You Are Losing Money to Wet Weather Inflow and Infiltrations

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How we get started for SewerLock

Contact us at (408) 761-5882 in the USA, for effective manhole security products that are built to last.