Round Sanitary Sewer Manhole Security Barrier work independently below existing frames and covers and are cut to fit your existing manholes. Round Sanitary Sewer Manhole Security Barriers help prevent dumping of contaminants and hazardous toxic materials such as PCB’s into manholes and blocks grease dumping. Reduces unwanted storm water inflow, eliminating SSOs, and meeting Clean Water Act environmental objectives. Can be set to release overflows when surcharging is a problem, such as backing up into homes and businesses. Can be locked down to prevent overlows in environmentally sensitive areas. Installation takes about 15 minutes, avoiding costly demolition while reinforcing old manhole risers.

Features: Series 300 stainless steel. Patented product includes subring with locking security bolts, and inner cover. Also includes anchor bolts. Small holes in inner cover to drain standing nusiance water are standard however can ordered without holes.
Installs in 15 minutes.
One time installation, opens and relocks in seconds, no reinstallation each time.
No demolition necessary
No cables or bars dangling in manhole to hang up each time it is accessed and closed.
No hinge or special locking mechanism to seize shut.
No existing frame or ledge or lip required for locking. Product contains independent subring with locking bolts.
No special key - use customer padlocks or order Master Palocks keyed alike or keyed the same as your current locks.
Weight: 12 pound cover and 10 pound subring for 24" Diameter.
All Other Sizes and Shapes Available Upon Request.

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