xPADLOCK - Master No. 6121NKA Weather Tough Pro Series Keyed Alike

- Keying: Keyed Alike 6121KA - Shackle: Standard 1-1/8" - Bump Stop: Anti-Bump 6121N - 5/16" (8mm) dia. hardened boron alloy shackle for maximum cut resistance - Dual ball locking mechanism resists pulling and prying. - High security, rekeyable 5-pin cylinder with spool pins is virtually impossible to pick When a lock is bumped, force is applied to a "bump key" to drive the bottom and top pins up in the pin chamber. When the top pins contact the tip of the pin chamber, they create an impact that causes the bottom pins to separate and travel downward. When the gap between the top and bottom pins crosses the shear line, the slight torque applied to the key causes the plug to rotate — and the lock to open. But unique BumpStop® technology prevents the transfer of force from the bump key to the pins and blocks rotation of the cylinder... so the lock remains locked. ASTM International has developed testing criteria for determining a cylinder's ability to effectively resist break-ins using lock bumping techniques. The revised standard is used to test and compare pin tumbler cylinders commonly used in padlocks. In these tests, locks from Master Lock exceed Grade 6 lock bump test criteria. This is due to these locks' reverse rake tapered driver pin, high performance spring and precision tolerance chamber. BumpStop® technology is available with most pin tumbler padlocks and key-in-knob padlocks.

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