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Manhole Sanitary & Storm Sewers

Our patented locking manhole security barrier devices are designed to keep people out, prevent dumping and theft, and ultimately provide environmental safety. The device is made of stainless steel and does not corrode.

Storm SEWERLOCK prevents reverse flow from storm inlets. Combined sanitary and storm sewerage overflows are prevented from exiting the inlet during flooding.

Utility Wiring locks

SEWERLOCK offers a wide range of utility power and communications security barriers for round and rectangular wiring boxes, utility manholes, vaults, underground junction boxes, and above ground pedestals.

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Secure communications, power, wiring, water, and sanitary sewer manholes; to protect public water supply, prevent inflow, SSO/CSOs, illegal dumping and vandalism with efficient manhole security solutions from SEWERLOCK. Made in USA, we ship our patented products worldwide.

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